Super Bowl XLVIII, Part I

Coming into tonight, I thought this would be a game of a very strong offense (Denver) vs. a very strong defense (Seattle) and whichever was stronger would win the game. Tonight, the world has only seen one offense and defense, and its both been Seattle. I have to be honest: today I wanted nothing more than to see Peyton not win. Here’s another truth: I didn’t want it to happen like this. I was born into the mess that is New England sports fandom. Since the rise of the Manning/Brady rivalry, a Manning loss was a Brady win. But that first quarter was not what I wanted. I wanted to see a game with two teams that wanted to win, not one so stunted it could barely perform. The Seahawks absolutely steamrolled Manning and the Broncos. I have hope for the second half, however. Of all the quarterbacks in the league right now, the two that can absolutely come back and win, facing a 25+ deficit, are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I think this second half, if they get their heads square on their shoulders, can make up for abysmal first half. That way, they can be down by a few, Manning can throw a hail Mary to Welker twice, and he can drop both throws, ruining it for the Broncos, too. 

Nope. I’m not still bitter. 


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