Someone End This Nightmare: Super Bowl XLVIII Part II

You know that uneasy feeling when you’re watching an awkward exchange, on tv or in real life? It’s just so terrible you can’t look? That’s how I felt throughout the second half of this game. After having the best season of any quarterback in the history of the NFL, Peyton Manning and the Broncos absolutely face-planted. As I mentioned in Part I, I knew coming into tonight it was going to be a showdown between the best offense (Denver) and the best defense (Seattle). Unfortunately for the hundreds of millions of people watching, only Seattle showed up to win. Never in my life as a football fan have I ever seen Peyton Manning so stunted. His arm is mechanical, and tonight he had to try too hard.

I don’t know if the season’s best team won, but the only team that showed up to win certainly did. Seattle, congratulations on your organization’s first title. Seattle’s offense and defense were just superior. I hope that the win is not downplayed because of Denver’s level of play. 

2014 Season, see  you soon!


Super Bowl XLVIII, Part I

Coming into tonight, I thought this would be a game of a very strong offense (Denver) vs. a very strong defense (Seattle) and whichever was stronger would win the game. Tonight, the world has only seen one offense and defense, and its both been Seattle. I have to be honest: today I wanted nothing more than to see Peyton not win. Here’s another truth: I didn’t want it to happen like this. I was born into the mess that is New England sports fandom. Since the rise of the Manning/Brady rivalry, a Manning loss was a Brady win. But that first quarter was not what I wanted. I wanted to see a game with two teams that wanted to win, not one so stunted it could barely perform. The Seahawks absolutely steamrolled Manning and the Broncos. I have hope for the second half, however. Of all the quarterbacks in the league right now, the two that can absolutely come back and win, facing a 25+ deficit, are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. I think this second half, if they get their heads square on their shoulders, can make up for abysmal first half. That way, they can be down by a few, Manning can throw a hail Mary to Welker twice, and he can drop both throws, ruining it for the Broncos, too. 

Nope. I’m not still bitter.